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Wanting to learn from the best? Improve your tattooing or learn a new technique from Brisbane’s Leading Cosmetic Tattooist.

Nicole, Owner of Pro Cosmetic Tattoo offers Masterclasses in Powder/Ombre Eyebrow Tattoo, Eyeliner Tattoo and Lip Tattoo. For the experienced Artist Nicole offers two-day training in her signature, self-taught, Soft Edge Areola Tattoo. She can also teach you her ways to successful saline tattoo removal.

Nicole has trained all over the world and has more then ten years industry experience. Names she has trained with include

Steffanie -UK’s Best PMU Artist

Will Anthony- Smokey Eyeliner King

Nicole Cameron- Craft Master Academy S

Rebecca Chung- Head Trainer Princess Brows

Tanya Makarenko- Voted Australia’s Best Cosmetic Tattooist

Plus, she has attended Conferences Worldwide and taken part in workshops with Leaders in Cosmetic Tattoo and Permanent Makeup. In addition to all the knowledge and tricks she has soaked up over the years, she has also been developing her own style influenced by all the great cosmetic tattooists in the world.


New! One month Ultimate Brow Beginner Training with Nicole Pro Cosmetic Tattoo



A new concept in Cosmetic tattoo training and a program that is missing from current 2 day tattoo courses. This one month training gears you up to be the ultimate brow queen, focusing on Machine Brows, including Ombre and Powder Style. Learn more and start off as a quality trained artist, under the guidance of renowned tattooist Nicole of Pro Cosmetic Tattoo.

  • Learning over one month includes 4 in Clinic days in week one and 1 in clinic day in week 4
  • Take home study for the weekly component, both practical and theory based. 
  • Assessment week four along with two in clinic days, live demonstrations and live models
  • 5 in clinic training days in total
  • Daily support and weekly assessment during the month
  • Ongoing guidance and support

Students that complete fast tracked training are often overwhelmed and unprepared for clients. Skin, colour, ink, needle and product knowledge cannot be crammed into a couple of days training. There are so many elements in tattooing which go beyond  just colouring in a brow.

To give yourself the best chance at success, invest in a training program that will allow you to learn, process and improve not only your artistic skills but business acumen. Practice makes perfect and the home study and weekly assessments are created to make you absorb the information and technique

Classes limited to max four students. Anyone considering becoming a Cosmetic Tattooist should have some artistic flair and or beauty experience. 

Small group setting of only four students max


SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control Standards or equivalent

This course is a requirement for anyone who wants to tattoo. You must complete this before undertaking a tattoo course. It teaches students the skills and knowledge required to follow organisational infection prevention and control procedures. Find a provider by searching the course name and your location. This course can be completed in 2-14 days


Tattoo tips & tricks with nicole

Are you a cosmetic tattooist, makeup artist, brow or lash tech, or beauty professional who needs extra guidance? Do you have problems with retention, measuring and aftercare? Have questions but no one to ask?

Nicole has been tattooing for over ten years in body and cosmetic. Over the years she has worked on thousands of skins and studied through trial and error what works, and what doesn’t. She has taken annual training classes internationally, and attended tens of seminars to educate herself. Tap into her knowledge and learn her tricks! Nicole offers specialised workshops and training courses in Brisbane. Learn cosmetic tattooing, brow tinting or shaping. 

Learn how to quickly map and draw eyebrows. Learn what shapes are best for which face shape. Learn ombre brows in tattooing or tinting. Lock in quality learning from Nicole who values her reputation. Small classes in tattooing or tinting are only held a few times a year.

Find out what needles she uses to get her signature soft powder brows. What inks she applies to get the beautiful tones in her eyebrow tattoos. What technique is she using to get her soft edge areola tattoos?

Nicole adopted her own method to 3d Areola Tattoo- if you want your work to look like Nicole’s you first have to understand what her techniques are. There is no other class that will teach you how to tattoo an Areola like Nicole does. 

If your struggling with retention for eyeliner, a training course with Nicole will help you to understand where your going wrong.

Nicole can tattoo a powder brow in 30-45 minutes learn her tricks on how to tattoo faster and get results.

For more then a decade Nicole has tattooed thousands of skins, of different ethics and ages. Instead of spending you time frustrated wondering why your not getting results, learn with Nicole of Pro Cosmetic Tattoo.

Shadow and advanced classes are available from her clinic in Brisbane for certain procedures. Email info@prosmetictattoo (or use contact form below)  with your concerns and goals and lets create a tailored learning session for you.

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