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We all want to have gorgeous, youthful and healthy-looking lips. As we age, our lips tend to lose their natural colour and fullness as well as the defined border they one had. Cosmetic lip tattoos helps ladies to create more definition, fullness and colour. Most of us have blue tones in our lips, which can also be corrected with lip tattooing. Lip tattoo treatment lasts for years.

Lip Tattoo Treatments

Lip Blending

Having a full lip colour tattoo is perfect for you if you wish to enhance the shape and fullness of your mouth. It’s also useful for correcting asymmetries. You may wish to try this procedure if you’re older and have lost lip definition, colour or shape. If you love to look glamorous 24/7, then lip tattooing might be the thing for you!

Healed Lip Tattoo

If you opt for a lip  tattoo, you’ll find that it gives your lips more definition. The procedure also corrects uneven lips and will result in a fuller more youthful appearance. A liner tattoo also helps prevent your lipstick from bleeding as well as minimising the appearance of wrinkles. You can either choose a softly lined look or go for a more defined shade for a lip-liner effect. Nicole also has experience tattooing ethic lips and being able to brighten or lighten the natural tone. To be considered for this treatment, please email or sms a photo of your lips to see if you are a candidate 

The Benefits of lipliner Tattoos

Plump lips are one of the trends that have been highly desirable for many centuries, and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. The demand for full luscious lips has always been high on the beauty standards, and we all want to look our best, but not everyone is blessed with naturally plump and ample lips.

If you are not confident with the shape of your lips either because of it’s small appearance, scar, unbalanced symmetry or lack of color, then cosmetic lip tattoos is the ultimate makeover! Not only does it save time and money on buying and applying lip products, but it also gives a youthful, healthy color to your lips.

How does it work?

Lip tattooing is the process of enhancing the outline of the lips to give it the appearance of a full mouth without plumping it. The natural looking result is achieved by using semi-permanent pigmentation through specialized techniques and equipment by highly experienced and skilled cosmetic tattooists. The artistic use of color, shading, and contouring brings out a fuller appearance of the lips. The combination of lining and blending colors can correct irregular lip shape and give a natural deeper color every day.

what to expect

Semi-permanent lip liner tattoos last longer, but they are more expensive than lip plumper or fillers. Lip liner tattoo is less invasive on the skin, and they heal faster than lip-fillers too. It takes about three to seven days to recover, depending on the size and depth of the treatment. You can expect the color intensity to fade by 40% to 60% for the first session and have them retouched within 4 to 6 weeks for the best tinted and fuller result.

We recommend making an appointment for the procedure towards Thursdays so that you will have sufficient time over the weekend for the initial swelling and expected dryness to fade and form into the desired shape and color. You can expect slight pain or discomfort during and after the procedure since the lips are highly sensitive and prominent feature of the face. However, derma/health professionals often apply strong anesthetics to numb the area and make the process as painless as possible.

medical lip tattooing

Cosmetic lip tattooing is a method suitable and highly recommended for people with medical conditions such as burn victims, cleft palate and vitiligo. The pale lips can be drawn in and darkened or highlighted by lip tattooing methods. At Pro Cosmetic Tattoo, we want to make sure that you are fit for the procedure and we take precautions to provide a hygienic and safe environment which is why we recommend talking to your medical provider for any medical conditions and sensitivity around the lips such as a cold sore.

If you do have skin irritation or are prone to allergic reactions, we recommend you to have it treated before the procedure so that it will not affect the result. You can also contact us for consultation services with all your queries, and we will ensure that you get lips that match the symmetry of your face and find you the perfect color, shape, and size that suits your preferences.


Medical tattoo for lip graft after skin cancer.

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