Lip Tattoo Training

Lip tattooing is certainly one of the most frustrating treatments of them all. It takes the longest and when you start out retention can be poor. If you have trained in lips but you’re finding it too hard or not getting the healed results you want, a Lip Tattoo Masterclass is what you need. You can learn how to create soft natural lips using a 1Rl or a saturated lip-stick look using larger configurations. All contraindications are covered, such as what to do if your client has cold sores or a dark pigmented lip.

Lip Tattoo masterclass

*Learn lip blush technique
*How to saturate lips
*Strong and borderless line
*Different needles
*Correct pigment lines
*How to tattoo dark lips
*Retention & aftercare advice
*Custom class to address your concerns

Demonstration & Live Model

$1950 Full Day

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