Eyeliner Tattoo Training

Having learnt all styles of eyeliner tattoo Nicole can teach you simple techniques to create a lash line or basic top eyeliner in only ten minutes. For the experienced eyeliner tattooist Nicole can teach you extra skills such as how to create ‘smoke’ or fade. If you need help on how to draw wings, Nicole will demonstrate her way and show you exactly what pens you need to use to ensure your lines don’t smudge when you tattoo. Eyeliner is mostly successful due to the way you stretch; hand placement is everything and Nicole can show you how.

Eyeliner Tattoo masterclass

Suitable for those with some experience in eyeliner, who need to up skill, learn a new style or fine tune any issues.
*Choose to learn lash enhancement, winged or smokey liner. Top, bottom or both.
*Needles for fine work and saturation
*Help with retention
*Drawing basics
*Machine & tool choice
*Custom class to address your concerns

Includes demonstation & model work.

$1800 Full Day

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