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Feather touch brows are a realistic alternative to the traditional block style tattoo. Nicole, qualified Makeup Artist and owner, firstly draws on brows to enhance your features. She then tattoos fine hairstrokes within your existing eyebrows.

Eyebrows are not removed for these treatments, Nicole works with what you already have. Eyebrow tattoos fade over time, giving you the chance to change your look later. Yearly colour boosts are required to keep your brows looking fresh.​

Eyebrow tattoo treatments

Powder/Hair Stroke Combo

Nicole is brilliant at tattooing a fuller brow which gives the appearance of makeup. Also known as powder style or Ombre brows- this style is perfect for those who prefer a ‘tint’ brow. This style is sometimes better for those who have completely lost the tails of their eyebrows

Feather/Hair Stroke Brows

Forget hard, flat and unnatural! The Feather Hair Stroke Eyebrow Tattoo is the latest hair-simulation technique for beautifully natural-looking eyebrows! Delicate individual hairs which mimic real brow hairs are meticulously crafted and woven together in the direction of your natural brow hair.

Powder Style/Ombre Brows

or a fuller and more defined eyebrow, the above two eyebrow tattoo techniques may be successfully combined for a softly textured, defined, on-trend look! The result of Powder/Hair Stroke Combination Tattoos is beautifully natural eyebrows that are totally flattering to the face.

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The benefits of eyebrow tattoos

Fuller and adequately shaped eyebrows make you look groomed, sophisticated and much younger even without applying any make-up. We all know that eyebrows are a prominent facial feature that enhances your face and we all want perfect eyebrows every day. However, grooming your brows with cosmetics every day can take a lot of patience, skill and time, to have it washed off by night and repeat the same grueling routine the next morning! But you don’t have to worry about running late or walking in the rain because of your eyebrows anymore! With eyebrow tattoos, you can wake up with fuller, perfectly groomed brows every day and have it intact even when you wash your face.

The process is quick and gives a semi-permanent result. Much like tattooing, but unlike permanent tattoos that penetrate into the seven layers of your skin, feathering tattoo or microblading only penetrates into the three layers of the skin. At Pro Cosmetic Tattoo, Nicole specialize in different cosmetic tattooing to give you realistic, hassle-free and fuller eyebrows.

Why choose nicole at pro cosmetic?

In-depth Consultation

​Before choosing to opt for semi-permanent tattoos, Nicole offer comprehensive consultation about the features, and shape that would suit the client’s face and style because every eyebrow is unique and preference depends on the individual. Nicole consider your opinions before adding her expertise so you are satisfied.

Indulgent Color Choice

Pro Cosmetic Tattoo also offer a wide variety of best quality colors so that you can indulge in the perfect color to meet all skin tones, from natural black to flaming red to fit every individual’s personal choice and style. We also do color correction and color selection and add pigments to match every skin tone and undertones.

Precise Measuring

Nicole also consider every detail to ensure that you have the perfectly arched and straight lines on your brows. To maintain the symmetry of the eyebrows with the face, Nicole is professional with measurement, accuracy and skills so that you will always have symmetrical eyebrows without even trying!

Desired Shape

Before getting to the process, we try out different shapes, arches and sizes to best suit your face and enhance the natural beauty of your facial structure by careful measurements and trials, using the specialized brow compass and different methods to get the best and most accurate results.

Clean & Safe Clinic

Safety, quality, and hygiene are mandatory for each of Pro Cosmetic Tattoo’s clients, and Nicole make sure you receive the best service in a calm, clean and comfortable environment. Pro Cosmetic Tattoo is located inside Cosmetic Image Clinics in Brisbane!

Professional Equipment

All equipment are safety insured and we do not use the same blade for any clients. The embroidery tattoo pens are sterilized, and only 100% quality certified disposable needles are used for each client.

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