Eyebrow Tattoo Training

Nicole can show you how to create soft fade powder brows or the popular ombre brow treatment. She can teach you how to quickly measure and draw brows and tattoo a client in 30-45 minutes. She will share her favourite pigments, aftercare and any other tools for the job. If you are a microblader who wants to learn machine work, Nicole can show you how to make that transition. Coming from a body tattoo background, Nicole is used to working with larger configurations needles, such as shaders and mags. She can show you the correct angle and depth to achieve soft powdery, pixeled ink spray and the method to get great retention.

Eyebrow Tattoo masterclass

Suitable for those with some machine experience
*Learn ombre, powder and combination
*Fine tune and up skill
*Working with 1rl and large needles
*Pigment lines
*Retention issues
*Colour theory
*Custom class to address your concerns

Demonstration & Live Model

$1950 Full Day

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