Areola Tattoo Training

Areola Tattooing is open to Tattooists who have been working for at least one year. Nicole is Brisbane’s Plastic Surgeons recommended Tattooist for 3d Areola Tattoo. The soft edge areola tattoo is a self-taught style that Nicole developed after taking areola training that she was unhappy with. Determined to give her clients a more natural, pretty result, Nicole worked hard to find the perfect formula. And now she is ready to share that formula with you. Everything from the stencil, inks, tattoo machine and needles. How to tattoo a 3d areola from scratch and where a nipple has been created. She will also share how you can tattoo scars to look like areola where there has been breast reduction surgery. The course also covers all the practical knowledge you need to understand the process of breast reconstruction.

Areola Tattoo masterclass

Course Content
*How to create Nicole’s signature soft edge areola tattoo.
*How to shade, saturate and create texture.
*Machine ink & needle choice.
*How to tattoo a 3d nipple and a nipple that has been reconstructed.
*Knowledge on types of implants and expanders.
*Understanding of DIEP/SIEP Latissimus dorsi.
*How a nipple is reconstructed.
*Colour matching unilateral.
*Radiated skin/ operational information.
*Different tattoo techniques you can apply
*How to create 3D dimension & soft edges
*How to increase the size or darken a natural (non reconstruction clients) areola.
*Colour theory and the Fitzpatrick Scale.
*Tray set up, client consultation & aftercare.
*Client expectations

Course Costs
2 Full Days $2800
Suitable for students who have at least one years experience in tattooing. Small class of no more than 2 students.

Day One-
*All theory and content as stated above
*In depth training & guidance on proper tattoo shading with large needle configurations (mags)
*Live Demonstration

Day Two-
*Live demonstration.
*Tattooing your own model.

Note: Due to model and time limitations there may be some model sharing. Each student will have at least one untouched breast to complete as their own.

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