Online Areola Training


This Areola and Nipple tattoo course WILL make you a better tattooist. My name is Nicole and I am the founder of Nicki Nipple and Pro Cosmetic Tattoo. I started in Art and design, followed by Special Effects Makeup, Body Tattoo and finally Cosmetic Tattoo.

When I started tattooing Nipples there wasn’t any training that could show me how to create the Nipple I visualised. So I create my own technique. Years of trial and error- including tattooing my self- I have finally developed a safe and beautiful method of tattooing an Areola and 3d Nipple. Being a part of this course means that you will be given my secrets. You MUST have some tattoo experience before taking this course, as the techniques are advanced. You might not pick it up right away- that’s ok! I can give you the framework but you have to put in the practice and hard work. Just like I did to get where I am. I am always here for support, throughout this amazing new journey.

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