Appointment Preparation

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In preparation of your appointment, there a few simple suggestions that will help decrease the risk of problems, infection, or poor results later on.

  1. ​Make sure you have clean skin. As an invasive procedure, it is essential to clean the face and brow areas thoroughly to limit any possibility of bacterial infection.

  2. Do not pluck or wax the area for at least 3 days before your procedure to tattoo eyebrows. Again, any irritation could create an increased risk for infection. Also, the area will be sensitive and swollen after application

  3. Do not dye your brows before this procedure for several days. The artist needs to see where the eyebrow hair is actually sparse, and dying obscures those areas which increases the risk of incomplete coverage.

  4. Electrolysis should not be performed on the eyebrows for a week prior. This will create severe sensitivity in the area.

  5. EYELINER-Do not wear eye makeup. Tattoo ink smears as its applied, and wearing any make up at all complicates the procedure and increases the possibility of poor results.

  6. EYELINER-Do not wear contact lenses.

  7. EYELINER- No lash extensions before or until tattoo is healed.

  8. Do not arrive with a fresh tan from the sun or a spray

  9. LIPS Ensure you are prepared with prevention if you have ever had a cold sore.

  10. Being on our period may make you more sensitive.

  11. Wash your hair as tattoo MUST be kept dry whilst healing

  12. NO GYM/WORKING OUT of ANY kind whilst healing. If you cant take at least one week out of the gym DO NOT BOOK.

  13. Be prepared for your tattoo to be darker, brighter, bolder and thicker until it heals. You must be prepared for this.

  14. Understand this requires patience. Everybody heals differently, no two results are the same.

  15. Touch ups can be booked online after you initial appointment.

  16. Some clients will need more sessions then others. Skin is complex and cannot be predicted. If you need further colour/layering this will be at a further cost.

  17. OILY SKINS- It is likely that hairstroke tattoo will not be suitable and a powder style will heal better. Although important to remember that oil in the zone will fade your tattoo quicker.

  18. Cosmetic tattoo requires maintenance. It will fade and will require colour boosts to stay fresh. Colour refreshes are available anytime from 6 months post procedure.

  19. Please prepare and plan your trip in advance. Allow time for traffic and parking. We are booked back to back working to a strict schedule, so cannot accept late arrivals. Please arrive ten minutes prior to your appointment start time and do not bring additional guests with you.

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